Monday, June 27, 2011

Bee time

Last week I spent a morning with two men who moved a bee colony from an old stump to a new home.
I doubt I've mentioned this before, but I find bees fascinating and I love honey (I put it in my coffee every morning).
I have to admit, I did suffer an injury. I am slightly allergic to bees, but the last time I'd been stung was more than 1o years ago. On little guy got me Thursday, between my middle and ring finger on my right hand. As a result, my hand was swollen all weekend. It's back to its normal size now.
Considering the men were chain-sawing the stump apart, I count myself very lucky these bees were relatively docile.
I wore a mask during this operation, which made taking pictures very difficult. I couldn't bring the viewfinder to my eye. So I would take a photo, see how it turned out, adjust, and take another. The result was a LOT of photos.
A story did run on Saturday, but I'll post more bee photos this week here.

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