Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A bad influence

What could this member of the "Bodine" family (the "white trash" name the volunteers give themselves at the rest area for the CROC ride) be pulling from her handy pocket?

Why, cigarettes, of course!
Just kidding. These are candy cigarettes.
I didn't know they even made them, or sold them anymore. I vaguely remember candy cigarettes from when I was a kid, but I thought government regulators pulled them for being a bad influence on children. I never understood that. I wanted the candy cigarettes because they were candy, not because they were cigarettes.

Nevertheless, someone had found them and brought them to the rest area. Even better, they were "Round Up" candy cigarettes. What could be more perfect for Pendleton?

I especially liked this shot for a to show a bad influence. The volunteers gave the candy cigarettes to the bike riders who, just like everyone did when they were kids, pretended to smoke them. It might be hard to see in this photo, but the volunteer is raising a candy cigarette right to the waiting lips of the cyclist.

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