Saturday, April 10, 2010

Yoga bodhisattva

This post and the following two are additional photos I took at the springtime yoga retreat, a compliment to the Yoga Round-Up happening this summer. I wrote a story about it and took photos for Sunday's paper.
Of course, as it often happens, I took far more photos than the couple I needed for the print edition, so my editor suggested posting some additional shots on my blog.
So here they are.
This first shot has been cropped and heavily (at least in my mind) doctored -- which is another thing you can't get away with in a newspaper's constraints. Though the woman was already silhouetted well against the morning light, I increased the shadows setting in Photoshop, then enhanced the red in the color scheme. That's why the tree behind her looks so crazy red. Even though it looks like a fall afternoon, this was taken on a spring morning. But I liked the effect and the way it warms up the photo.

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