Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Signs of the past

Last Friday I went to the Buck Creek Cabin (also known as the Kiwanis Cabin) near the North Forks Umatilla campground, where teachers were cleaning in preparation for outdoor school this spring.
I've covered outdoor school for Helix and Pilot Rock schools, but not Hermiston or Pendleton, which are the schools that go to this cabin. The teachers were painting the inside walls of the kitchen/dining room and had taken down all the boards students had signed over the years, commemorating their time at outdoor school. The signs sat stacked on one picnic table, and I took several shots of them.
It was very interesting to see all the years stacked up, and all the signatures of those once-kids who had come to the cabin to learn about outdoors, community and life. I had to wonder how many of them, when spring arrives, think of their time at that cabin, and their signatures still sitting on the walls there.

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