Tuesday, March 1, 2011


This is a photo of one of the hunters I followed to buffalo country. This one did run in the East Oregonian, but the photo was small. I wouldn't complain, a photo in the paper is great no matter what. But the reason why I like this photo is the blood -- buffalo blood -- on the hunter's face, which you couldn't really see in a small newsprint photo.
The blood in the photo isn't just blood for the sake of showing something shocking. The hunter didn't know, nor did he care, that it was on his face. He was too busy at the task at hand -- gutting his kill -- to be bothered. This is one of the only photos I got of him where he wasn't looking down at what he was doing, intense on his duty as a hunter. It shows his commitment to his role as a hunter, and how important it was to him.

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