Wednesday, March 17, 2010

vacation gold panning

Please excuse my two-week blogger absence - that's what happens when you go on vacation. But it did give me a few opportunities for photos, including when my husband and I went gold panning. I've posted gold panning photos before, but always find this spot more beautiful each time we go.

I don't know if the light just turned out right or what, but I love this shot of my husband. He may have been wearing shorts, but it was about 35 degrees and the water was even colder.

We also used this opportunity to test out our Vibram Fivefingers - a shoe that's basically like a glove for your feet. They worked great on the rocks, but the water was cold, cold, cold. On a warmer day, they would have been perfect.


  1. Nice pictures! Did you gold pan around Pendleton?

  2. No, we panned at my husband's property in Southern Oregon, near Gold Hill. But I bet there's a few places around Eastern Oregon that would be just as fun to gold pan.