Monday, February 1, 2010


I got to cover the Pendleton city dodgeball tournament this weekend. As you'd imagine, it was fun. I did struggle a bit with my camera. Either I had bright photos on the "automatic" setting, and everything was blurry, or I had sharp photos on my "sports" setting and things were dark. But I managed to get a few that worked. Above, I tried to use the blur to my advantage, showing everyone rushing for the center line of dodgeballs at the beginning of a game. I guess it didn't work too well because I submitted a similar photo for the paper and the editor said, "gee, it looks a bit blurry."

Here was a shot I liked of the Portland team's tactic. They'd all get a ball, then barrage it at a single player on the opposing team. The guy in red in the foreground, I think, was the target in this case. But I liked how all three of them were on one leg, leaning forward, having just released a yellow ball like a firing squad.

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  1. I'm with you, I like the blur effect. I think it was sharp where it needed to be and showed a very busy scene. Almost artistic-like. Nice photos. I feel sorry for the victim of such an attack. Too bad we didn't see the Erics get nailed.