Monday, October 19, 2009

Rise and shine

Saturday morning I saw the sun rise on my way to the White Eagle Grange's breakfast. To be fair, it wasn't that early. By the time I made it to the grange it was 7:30.
As I was driving down Highway 395 the sun just peaked over the mountains. I pulled off on the nearest frontage road and snapped a few photos.
At the grange I took photos for a wild art letting people know the grange needs members. I considered using this photo, but didn't think that wonderful steam coming off the biscuits and gravy would translate in black and white newsprint. So I saved it for the blog.


  1. Awesome photos. Did you see the sun set tonight? It was gorgeous and "I" did not have my camera with me! :(

  2. That's pretty impressive - 7:30 on a Saturday?